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About Us - Radio Indie Disco

Radio Indie Disco is a disco radio station playing all the 12 inch disco releases from indie disco labels. Indie disco labels are record labels that do not belong to 1 of the 6 big music groups (Universal, Sony, Warner, BMG, Concord, Unidisc).

Radio Indie Disco only plays the disco songs that charted in the US Disco charts. In the Playing Now info you can find the highest position the song scored in the US Disco charts. Our Playlist includes disco songs from indie disco labels from 1974 to 1983. Besides the song info, you will also find the record label on which the song was released, it's catalog number and the name of the DJ that mixed the song. The table can be sorted by each column.

Below you can find some record sleeves of indie disco record labels. They are so-called company sleeves where there is no artist or song info on the sleeve itself, but a die-cut opening in the middle revealing this info that is present on the label of the record itself.

Aria Arial Bareback BC Block Buster Chalet Channel Emerald International First American Friends & Co GNP Crescendo Graf H&L Hi JDC Key Kick Moby Dick Musique NIA Old Town Ovation P.I.P. Pacific Philly World Playboy Private Stock Reflection Reflection Republic Sam Shadybrook Shadybrook Streetwise Tabu Tabu Tropique TSR Wave Wave Westbound ZE